three production introdution

Thre3 Production


Three Production is one of the most reputed entertainment agencies of the Nepali media industry and is the place for artistic minds and creativity. With its years of experience Three Production has delivered some of the commendable works in the Nepali media industry.

Founded in
by Bishal Bhandari

“Kohalpur Express” was a directorial debut for Bishal Bhandari. It has received remarkable achievement in the box office collection, and also movie has been recognised by audiences, media personalities.

Kohalpur Express

three production introdution

Comedy Champion

three production introdution

In this 12years of journey Three Production has contributed a lot in the Nepali media industry with multiple music videos, movie, reality shows and many more. Entering into the reality show business with the hit show Comedy Champion has gained a lot of popularity in the very short period of time.

Three Production has become one of the important parts of Nepali entertainment business and our work hasn’t only gained the love from the Nepali audience but also from Indian, Bhutanese, Pakistani and other countries too. With the vision of entertaining viewers with the unique content, Three Production has received a lot of respect, love and support from the audience in a short period of the time. As entertainment is the key, we love to collaborate with unique ideas and present it to our audience. As a team, we would love to shape your ideas and bring the best version to our work.