Associated with different ventures of Nepali media industry we love to welcome diverse nature of work. As our work is what justifies us, we enjoy the concept of multicultural work. Ideas and needs are changeable and we are ready to adapt them to ensure your company success. For the exceptional services to our clients, we can go beyond impossible. These are the list of services we offer.

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Reality Shows

The craze of reality shows is on growing in Nepali audience as they love the idea of unique, creative concept. Some of the reality shows of Nepal have huge audiences from different countries like India, Bhutan and so on. The hit show Comedy Champion is the first ever reality show that Three Production has collaborated with which has become successful with huge audience attention.

Music Videos

Three Production has produced more than 400 music videos. Working is another form of learning, hence teaming up with different people with multiple work ethics, ideas have definitely sums up the good knowledge of music videos.

reality shows picture
reality shows picture


Movies have been always the greatest part of the entertainment business. We are proud to be the part of “Kohalpur Express” as this movie has remarkable reviews from audience and media people.

Creative Advertisements

As we enjoy the multicultural work concept, our work doesn’t only occupy movies, music, video, reality shows we have and we will love to engage in creative advertisements for your company.

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reality shows picture

Business Brand Buildings

Branding has an important role in the growth of the company as its aware people about company products and services through direct advertising campaigns or through sponsorship. Business branding has been an important part of our company, we believe it is important for your company too. We are a team player working with us will help you to drive the flow of more customers.


As animation and VFX play the vital role in the media industry, with the knowledge and work experiences we can guide our clients in creating realistic visual effects in their work..

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